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I Buy Coin-Operated pinball Games old or new and shop/refurbish/restore coin operated games working or broken. The games I don't add to my personal pinball collection. I will sell at a fair price.

If you have any for sale, in any condition, please email me at for more info.

I am located near Cresco, PA. (Northeast Pennsylvania). You can look at my list of Pinball Machines I have now here... Pinball Machine Game List.

I do some local pinball servicing and repair on all Electro Mechanical/Solid State Pinball games and circuit board repair...(If I have the time). This can be done in your home or if need be at my location.

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CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS:   BOB MOORE   570-676-4660  OR  570-436-3941            EMAIL:  RM442@PTD.NET

Why Buy A Pinball Game From Me?

I can give you 3 good reasons to buy from me. I can save you money with competitive pricing and peace of mind.

I only sell locally. Most my customers want the game delivered and setup and shown that their game will be working as expected. All my customers feel comfortable knowing if something does go wrong with their pinball game in the future. They have someone local they can call to come fix it, without the outrageous repair costs.

If you buy a pinball game from someplace else, like Ebay, you won�t know if it actually works as stated. You have to pay a shipping charge on top of the cost of the pinball machine. Shipping charges can cost well over $250.00 for a pinball machine. Many of these places do guarantee their game for a period of time. But, if something does go wrong with your pinball game. You have to pay shipping costs, sending your game to them and then back to you which can be very expensive. Buying locally is the better choice.

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Pinball Internet Database

The Internet Pinball Machine Database The database is constantly expanding, and currently includes 45,179 images of 5,302 games and 3,537 other game related files. If you want to find out all the info and data on a game this is the place to start. Just click the following link...

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Why buy a pinball machine?

With only "one" pinball manufacturer ( Stern Pinball, Inc ) making very few new pinball's, and the big ones like Gottlieb, Bally and Williams out of business, pinball's are getting harder to find. In the past years we have seen a steady increase in prices with the average machine gaining around 2%-3% a year.

Pinballs are very fun to play because every time you play one it's never exactly the same, it is not like today's video console games once you learn all the tricks to beat the game the fun goes out the window. Some games are very popular only because of the limited number of that particular game made. However, there are many undervalued games that are great fun to play and are inexpensive.

Looking for something to invest in? Then pinball machines could be for you. Most pinball games never lose value. Pinball enthusiasts who originally bought their games for fun and entertainment have seen prices for their machines soar as much as tenfold over the past decade. Where else can you invest something you enjoy playing everyday and every year the value for the game increases?

Many pinball machine themes are of popular films, TV programs, sports and historical events and add even more to their value and popularity. Pinball machine values are expected to continue rising as the machines are no longer made and the limited number of playable pinball games dwindles over time.

Pinball machines provide you with fun, competition, bragging rights and fond memories of childhood, College and adulthood. For someone that wants a pinball machine, it’s an added bonus that it is also a very good investment.

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